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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Renting Frequently Asked Question

If you are planning to travel in any of the following seasons:


-End of the year: November 20 until February 15

-Easter week: March 15 until April 30

-Mid-Year holiday: June 15 until July 30


We recommend to reserve with time your items.

10% of the total cost of the quote, which must be paid by transfer at the time of confirming the reservation.

If you need a last-minute reservation, write to us on WhatsApp (+57) 321-3219-238. We will check availability of the items to confirm your order.

If the reservation was made on the website, we will contact you by phone or WhatsApp within the next 12 hours to confirm the availability of the item (s) and/or to request additional information to make sure we are giving you matching items according to your order. If the reservation was made by WhatsApp, our manager will send a message confirming everything.

  • Bank transfer to Bancolombia
  • E-wallets: Nequi or Daviplata.
  • PAYU for credit card payments
  • In cash COP or USD

The rental period is counted from the day of delivery to the day of collection of the item, regardless of the time of delivery and/or collection.

There is no minimum rental period, however, there is a minimum charge of 3 days per item. Note: The wooden crib is the only item with a minimum rental period of 11 days.

Starting on the ninth day of rental, discounts will be made; the longer the rental period, the more discount you will have. In the case the rental in longer than 30 days, write to us.

Yes, all our items require a deposit when renting, this value will be included in the quote and is reimbursed in full once it is verified that the item is in perfect condition at the time of delivery. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

If at the time of return the item is damaged, the deposit is withheld until the value of the repair is verified. Once defined, if there is a positive balance, a refund is made to the client or, on the contrary, the additional value is collected. Please read our terms and conditions to verify the type of damage.

Our team works Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm and Saturdays from 7am to 1pm. On Sundays and public holidays, we do not have service.

The base rate is 16,000 COP for addresses that are within the following perimeter: 80th street (calle) to 134th street (calle), between Boyacá Avenue and Circunvalar Avenue; outside this radius, a surcharge will be made according to the address. You can also pick up/deliver the items at our activity centre located in the Andes Norte neighborhood (near to Cafam Floresta shopping centre).


We also have the following exceptions:


  • Airport services that will have a rate 24,000 COP each way
  • Express service (it means on the same day asking for renting service) that will have a fee of 10,000 COP

Yes. You can coordinate in advance with us to pick up the items personally at our activity centre located in Andes Norte neighborhood (near to Cafam Floresta shopping centre).

If you need to change the delivery and/or collection address, you must write to us at least 1 day in advance on WhatsApp (+57) 321-3219-238 confirming the new address and time; we will confirm the change. If the new address is in a different area or at the airport, the additional fee will be charged in cash. See rates in our terms and conditions.

Yes, we help you with the installation and basic use instructions of the items you are renting; Likewise, if you have any questions about its operation, you can write to us at WhatsApp (+57) 321-3219-238 and we will provide you with technical support.

To cancel your rental service, you must contact WhatsApp (+57) 321-3219-238 or write to info@babyexplorer.co within 24 hours prior the service is provided, in this case 100% of the value will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs within the 24 hours before the renting time, only 50% of the deposited value will be refunded.


If the cancellation is for a high season reservation, this must be done 8 days in advance to refund 100% of the value, otherwise 10% of the reservation value is retained. For more information review our terms and conditions.

Yes, please contact WhatsApp (+57) 321-3219-238 at least 24 hours in advance so that we can attend to your request without impact other clients’ bookings. We will send you a payment link with the additional rental days. The additional fee must be paid before the extended rental period begins.

No, we will not refund your rental money. We will give you a special discount on your next rental.

If you are interested, please contact WhatsApp (+57) 321-3219-238

The items we have available for rent are purchased new, inspected and sanitized just before delivery.

Yes, you can do it within the defined rental period and the items must be always returned in Bogotá. Please note that we do not rent car seats, playpens or co-sleepers to transport by plane.

Store Frequently Asked Question

  1. Confirm item´s availability writing to our WhatsApp (+57) 310-2931-817
  2. Add the items you want to purchase to the shopping cart.
  3. Fill the requested fields in and send the information.
  4. Select the preferred payment method.
  5. Once you make the payment, we will call you to coordinate delivery and/or shipping.
  • Bank transfer to Bancolombia
  • E-wallets: Nequi or Daviplata.
  • PAYU for credit card payments, PSE, PAYU trust you
  • In cash COP or USD
  1. Certified mail. It will be charged according to the measurements and weight of the item purchased,
  2. Pick up at our activity center located in the Andes Norte neighborhood (near the Cafam Floresta shopping center).

We will contact you the same day of the purchase to organise the delivery. The time to deliver for other cities different from Bogotá, will depend on the postal service selected.

We will share the guide with you once the item is shipped so you can track it.

After you make the purchase and we have delivered, we cannot longer make changes.

If you have questions about any item, you can write to us before purchasing it and we will help you resolve all concerns.

Once you have received the purchased item, you have 24 hours to notify us at our email info@babyexplorer.co or at WhatsApp (+57) 310-2931-817 of any malfunction; in that case you are entitled to have a full refund. After 24 hours we will make the payment to our ally so we will not be able to make any refunds.